U.S Government Accountability Office (GAO) 215 United States. Federal Emergency Management Agency 127 United States. Government Accountability Office 16 United Nations Environment Programme 10 U.S. Dept. of Commerce 6 U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency 6 U.S. Government Accountability Office 4 United States. Department of Homeland Security 4 U.S. General Accounting Office 3 U.S. House of Representatives 3 United States. Environmental Protection Agency 3 United Nations University 2 United States Government Accountability Office 2 United States. Congress. Office of Technology Assessment 2 United States. Department of Energy 2 United States. Department of Homeland Security. Office of Inspector General 2 U.S House of Congressional Research Service 1 U.S House of Representitives 1 U.S. Executive Office of the President 1 U.S. Global Change Research Program 1 U.S. National Weather Service 1 U.S. President’s Council of Economic Advisers 1 U.S. Senate 1 U.S. Tennessee Valley Authority 1 U.S.-Canada Symposium on Impacts of Climate Change on the Great Lakes Basin Oak Brook, Ill.) 1 Udall, Bradley Hunt 1 Uddin, Ihsan 1 Ugwu, C. I. 1 Ulmer, Robert R., 1969- 1 Ulrich, Jessica 1 Underwood, Kristin 1 Unesco 1 Ungar, Sheldon 1 United Nations Environment Programme Sustainable Consumption and Production Branch 1 United Nations Human Settlements Programme 1 United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction 1 United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction Secretariat 1 United States District Court, Southern District of New York 1 United States Fire Administration 1 United States Governments Accountability office 1 United States. Army. Corps of Engineers 1 United States. Congress 1 United States. Department of State 1 United States. Environmental Protection Agency. Office of Policy, Planning, and Evaluation 1 United States. Executive Office of the President 1 United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration 1 United States. National Climate Program Office 1 United States. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 1 United States. Office of Science and Technology Policy 1 United States. Task Force on the Comprehensive Approach to Climate Change 1 United States.General Accounting Office 1 Unitil Energy Systems 1 University of Miami 1 University of Oklahoma. Science and Public Policy Program 1 University of Victoria (B.C.). Centre for Studies in Religion and Society 1 Uprety, Pralhad 1 Urban Climate Change Research Network 1 Urban Coast Institute 1 Ursano, Robert J., 1947- 1 Usher, Peter 1